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These nest boxes are constructed from English Red Cedar taken from renewable sources to minimise our environmental impact, and is used because it has its own natural preservative and will give a minimum of 10 years service.   Technical and Geeky stuff The camera installed is a New Generation 1/3" CCD 540 TVL colour/540 TVL monochrome high resolution camera with audio facility and controlled infra red illumination, and is fitted with a 3.6 mm wide angle lens. Uses the new Sony Effio-P chipset for enhanced colour definition and better infra red night vision. The camera has a sensor fitted to cut out the infra red lighting during daylight hours. Colour images are crisp and clear and not "milky" or "faded" as would be the case if the infra red lighting was permanently switched on. Foe best picture field of view, the camera is focused to 100 mm from the lens, and gives a spread of 60 degrees. This allows for the birds to build up their nests normally and for the camera to remain in focus.  Fine adjustments to the focus can be made by releasing the locking screw on the side of the camera and rotating the lens clockwise/anti-clockwise. Picture quality is further enhanced by the fitted Background lighting module, a sensor controlled white light source to illuminate the inside of the nest box and not rely on windows fitted to the nest box sides which in turn depend on the outside weather/sunlight to give colour images.  Dull weather means poor quality pictures, better light means better definition. The difference in picture quality is considerable having this feature fitted. All our nest boxes can be adapted for various bird species by fitting the appropriate metal predator guard, or removal of the upper section of the nest box front. Supplied with 20 metres of cable as standard, (longer lengths are available), 12 volt power adaptor, Scart adaptor for TV use, and metal predator guard kit. Ready to go, just plugs into your TV set.   These nest boxes are available as wireless/semi wireless options.  Strict criterea and operational conditions must be met for satisfactory result. (see section on wireless equipment). For PC/Laptop/Mac use, you will need a video to usb adaptor.  

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